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If you are amongst those who want to become a responsible driver, having proficient knowledge of car driving, knock at the doors of Apex Driving School.

About Our Driving School

Apex : Learn With Ease

  • Our 15 years of professional experience enabled us to earn a reputation of being termed as one of the best driving schools Calgary.
  • Driving lessons are imparted by experienced, qualified, licensed and patient instructors having an incredible pass rate. Till the time a customer does not become comfortable with one level, they do not move to the next level. Our qualified instructors will make sure to convert customers’ weakness into their strengths with their proficient knowledge.
  • For training females, qualified female instructors are available.
  • Free pick and drop facility is available for Calgary customers and for those who resides in nearby areas. Pick up and drop areas can be any from school, home to workplace.
  • Aiming at to provide value for money driving lessons in Calgary, we offer driving lessons on Sundays as well. In other words, it can be said that we remain on our toes 24×7.
  • For customers’ convenience, hordes of discounts are offered to them. For instance, senior citizen can avail 10% discount, enrolment in insurance reduction course can fetch discount as high as 30% and many more.
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Reasons for choosing us

Why Apex ?

The importance of driving a car safely cannot be denied these days. Reason being, life is unpredictable and any unforeseen event can happen in a split second. Moreover, with the increase in number of vehicles on the road, it is hard to predict when traffic can pose a serious threat. So, in such time, it is necessary to drive safely and defensively for minimizing the risk of road accidents and increasing the survival rate. If you are amongst those who want to become a responsible driver, having proficient knowledge of car driving, knock at the doors of Apex Driving School.

Highlights of Driving Course Offered by us

Our goal is not to provide only driving lessons, we strive for offering safe driving lessons Calgary. Safe driving is a broad term and encompasses various elements like road safety, tips of preventing road accidents, obeying traffic laws, driving within speed limit, driving slowly during bad weather, avoid drinking before hitting the road and many more. All these and much more effective and useful driving tips can be learnt by taking driving course offered at the leading driving school Calgary NE, Apex. So, it can be said that by taking course program of Apex Driving school decrease the odds of become victim of an accident. Depending upon the course selected by customers, duration of course and number of driving lessons require varies. And remain assured, no course will be completed without practice exam. To check whether a person has learnt the course aptly or not, practice exams are designed at the end of each course. We make sure to satisfy our customers to the fullest. Our unanimous aim is to impart such driving lessons in Calgary which not only meet industry standards but gives customer satisfaction as well.

Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to impart driving lessons which meet industry standards, give customer satisfaction, and helping our customers become responsible drivers.

Our goal is to provide informative and safe driving lessons to the citizens of Calgary. 

The services offered by us in terms of driving course are designed for both experienced as well as inexperienced drivers. For instance, if you know driving but faces difficulty on the roads, we have solution for you. Similarly, if you have a desire to become professional driver, we are there to help you.

Need Any Help Then Contact Us

At Apex Driving School, Calgary We always respond within a working day and are very happy to help our customers with any queries that they may have.